This was a research and development art concept team 3D environment scene for the studio, the project was made in Unreal Engine 5 with the focus of achieving a realistic Ghibli-styled environment. I worked alongside 3D Environment artist, Tech Artist, and VFX artist to create this scene. I worked on the environment block out, layout, of the scene, and foliage. Special thanks to Andrey Chen, Jeremy Brown, Bradley Wascher, and Lulu Neel for collaborating with me on this project. 

Software Used: Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 5, Speedtree

Created a tree occluder using the Procedural Generation Tool in Unreal Engine 5, with added functionality that excludes tree meshes inside of a spline circle.
These are tree 4 variations of tree meshes with the bark created in Speedtree and the leaves created in Unreal Engine 5 material setup.